Elerethe Renferal is no more!? post by Trevlar

posted 5 months ago

We took down Nythendra who quite frankly I was thinking a bit rotten, we moved onto Elerethe. She got the drop on us a couple of pulls but once we got down spider phase the bird phase was a bit of a breeze (get it?). After roughly 3 & 1/2 hours we took her down with a really smooth kill, see video link attached Kill video :

Good news everyone! post by Noxington

posted 5 months ago

So legion raiding has officially begun! 7/7 heroic done within the first week, and we are very much looking forward for some more challenging content in Mythic starting next week! We are currently looking for 1-2 exceptionally good ranged DPS and 1 strong holy paladin. We will however, as always, consider any exceptional applicant.

Heroic and Normal Cleared post by Trevlar

posted 6 months ago

HI all, So Heroic and Normal cleared in one week and managed to do in 3hours 30minutes on our second run!. Onto Mythics this Sunday and looking forward to see how these go. Onwards and upwards as our raiding team is looking extremely strong for the forthcoming Mythics and I strongly believe we will be one of, IF NOT the best 2 day a week raiding guild out there!. Let's do it ladies and gents!?