Gul'DEAD post by Trevlar

posted 1 month ago

After 3 solid raid nights on the guy who gave all warlocks his eye. We got him down and beat down The Demon Within. Time to take a deep breath and relax till ToS and let's smash them doors down!, See the video here: p.s Watch me give it all up for 1 reluctant soul.

Long Time No Update. Now 8/10 Mythic and Recruitment update! post by Trevlar

posted 2 months ago

We stamped on some bugs. We continued the flow of time. We managed to sort out the butler. We managed to take down the elementals. We didn't fall off a bridge (except Prodio). We have took down a mightly dreadlord. We caught the gardener slacking and we managed to re-arrange the stars. Now all we need to do is stop some crazy wizard lady and then tame the Demon Within. Not long now till we are farming this easy content!? As for recruitment we are currently looking to recruit an experienced tank and possibly 1 or 2 ranged DPS!? Can you fill these role, you'll never know unless you put an application in so go ahead and we will see if you have what it takes!? As always good job everyone and keep up the hard work!